What's the Fluid Difference?

Chemicals and how they fit in your business are as important to us as they are to you. We want your business for a long time – so we ensure chemical dose rates are optimised and dispensers ensure consistency in use.  Our established points of difference mean we stand out from our competitors in offering tailored chemical solutions for our customer's needs.  These points of difference include:

- Order today, delivery today.  Prompt processing & dispatch of orders

- Regular sales team visits

- Written service reports

- Tailored training of our clients' staff (chemical use and H & S)

- Family business - friendly, reliable, trustworthy.  We can make decisions quickly and have an excellent established reputation in the market.

- We provide a detailed and thorough approach with customers - listening and problem solving rather than ‘selling’.  

- We try to identify the least harmful product that will do the job well and simplify the process for the client

- Regular recycling programme (with opaque drums to check product levels)

- Fewer client groups per Fluid representative than our competitors giving you prompt and personalised service every time. 

We treat your business as if it is our own - ensuring economical, safe, effective cleans - whether it be an industrial laundry or an airplane!  Our staff are well trained and understand our products and how they work best. The whole team is dedicated to ensuring you get top quality customer service.