We have a range of cleaners and degreasers suitable for use both inside and outside the workshop. Solvent based or water based, quick break or otherwise, if we don’t have it we can probably make it! We have a great range of cleaners for machinery and trucks, cars and buses.

Our extensive experience in slip release agents means we have products that meet either ends of the spectrum, from cost effective slip agents to plant based pH neutral premium products.  Coupled with our purpose built applicators, our highly effective products ensure asphalt plant operators get more time to focus on what they do - making bitumen while we take care of the gear.  We take care of everything from:

- Diluters

- Day tanks

- Foamers

- Timers with run/delay times.


Our setups ensure it works every time which allows you to focus on what you do. It also ensures our customers do not overuse their cleaning products.

Key customers for us include Fulton Hogan, Higgins and Downers. We ship product nationwide and can supply turnkey applicators ranging from portable trolley mounted foamers through to electronic eye sensor driven foaming systems on weigh-bridges. 

Our exterior cleaners/degreaser include everything needed in a workshop/bitumen plant to clean/degrease and maintain plant/vehicles/  We also supply products suited to interior cleaning from leather protectants to general purpose cleaner/sanitisers and window cleaners. Contact us if you would like to know more or see a product catalogue.




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