Fluid Chemicals NZ is lucky to have a laundry expert who has worked in the laundry and textile industry for over 35 years. From small OPL's (On Premise Laundries) using solids, to large tunnel washers with automated dosing, we can tailor a laundry programme to minimise product, water and energy usage while achieving great results.  We have a proven range of industrial strength liquids and powders which cover a range of laundry solutions from linen and sheet washing, to white work, stain and high soil removal. 

Our extensive industry experience means that we understand what is important to make your laundry work as well as it possibly can. We have an intimate understanding of our products and what is required to achieve the best wash quality, and cost in use you need, for your operation to be successful.  We strive continuously to deliver the most innovative and sustainable laundry cleaning solutions in the industry, through our research and development department.  


 Our top quality products are all backed up by:

• Regular service visits with titration

• Use and familiarity with all of the latest dosing systems

• Proactive maintenance schedule (to prevent breakdowns)

• Personalised delivery ensures little or down time and recycling of empties reduces site clutter 

• Regular reporting ensures cost in use within set parameters

Our motto is “If dirty linen is your problem, we have the solution”.

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