For well over sixty years, Applied Chemicals NZ has been a proud supplier of specialized cleaning, degreasing, decarbonising, corrosion prevention, corrosion removal and descaling systems to the general Engineering Industry in New Zealand and Australia. In support of this supply we have worked closely with major manufacturers such as GMH, Ford, Mitsubishi, etc, and their service providers, to formulate and supply according to their needs. The work we carry out with large mining and rail service providers such as BMA Coal, Thiess, Downer EDI Rail and the United Group Rail, links with this supply.

Through our partnering relationships with these clients and our internal Research and Development, Fluid Chemicals NZ offers high technology solutions to both our partners and the general Engineering and Metal Pre-treatment industries. Our supply is supported by a manufacturing base in Auckland and we ship product nationwide. We manufacture and supply degreasing and treatment systems for interior and exterior cleaning, associated with the following use areas:

Aviation - Cleaning, degreasing and toilet treatment products
Marine - Specialised metal etching and degreasing.
Rail Transport - Trainwashes, workshop degreasers and toilet treatment products.
Road Transport - Vehicle washes, interior and exterior protectants, degreasers and deodorisers.